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Evenings of Recollection for Women

Open to all women who are seeking to enrich their spiritual life. A priest of Opus Dei challenges people of good will to seek, love and serve God through meditation, confession and benediction.  The purpose of the evenings of recollection is, in the words of St. Josemaría Escrivá, “to foster the search for holiness and the carrying out of the apostolate by Christians who live in the world, whatever their state in life or position in society. The Work of God (Opus Dei) was born to help those Christians to understand that their life, just as it is, can be an opportunity for meeting Christ: that it is a way of holiness and apostolate. Christ is present in any honest human activity. The life of an ordinary Christian, which to some people may seem banal and petty, can and should be a holy and sanctifying life.”

Format of the Evening of Recollection:
7:30-8:00 – Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament and preached meditation
8:00-9:00 – Examination of conscience, time for reflection, and Confessions
8:20 – Practical talk given by a lay woman
9:00-9:30 – Preached meditation and Benediction
The meditations are given by a priest of Opus Dei, a Personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

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Debbie Collins-Freddoso

Power Source Prayer Group

This group is committed to intercessory prayer. We combine quiet meditation based on Holy Scripture with open conversational prayer and a short period of faith sharing.  Meetings are Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. in the Holy Family Chapel in the Cathedral Center.
Patricia Druley