St. Matthew Cathedral Parish will again sponsor a giving tree to benefit the Crib Club of the Women’s Care Center (WCC). The tree will be set up from in the Miami Street vestibule. Please join our parish community by picking an ornament from the giving tree and purchasing the item listed for donation to the Crib Club.

Please Note:
The WCC distributes the donations through their Crib Club and uses an incentive program in which pregnant women and parents of young children earn vouchers by attending prenatal appointments, educational classes and participating in other activities that foster good parenting. The vouchers are then used to “buy” Crib Club items.
Please do not wrap the donations since they are not for a specific baby, child or mother.
A collection bin is available near the tree. Donations will be picked up promptly after each Sunday and weekday Mass and will be delivered to the WCC. Gifts may also be dropped off at the rectory.
Monetary donations should not be left in the church, but mailed directly to the WCC. Pre-addressed envelopes are available under the tree.
Thank you so much for your past generous support and commitment to the culture of life. May God bless you and your families this holy season.