Happy Earth Day:

I am writing this on Earth Day and looking out my window at the beautiful Pear trees that are in blossom at this time. They look so beautiful down Miami Street and they are causing my allergies to go crazy. Oh well !!

I hope you are doing well and that being shut in isn't making you too crazy. We must remember it is for our own good that we follow the regulations. Not only for ourselves, but the good of others.

Thanks to so many of you who have called, texted or emailed us to tell us that they are watching our live streamed Masses. Since I open the church at 5:45 am each day I have been streaming the 6:00 o'clock Mass for the early birds and Father Dermot has been doing the 5:30 pm Mass and then locking the church at 6:30. Our Sunday Masses are also streamed on You Tube. If you go to the parish web site you can click on the link to the streaming Mass. Then they will be on all day. Or if you go to You Tube you can be a subscriber to Saint Matthews. Some mornings we have up to 96 viewers. The church is open all day long all weekdays so I invite you to come and spend some time with the Lord. It is quiet and gets you out a little in a safe place and with time of quiet prayer in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

These are I know difficult days. I just heard that our governor has extended our days of being at home. Indiana is just now, as many parts of the mid-west are now feeling the effect of the virus. I had to go to the hardware store and the lady at the counter said if this goes on much longer with beauty shops closed everyone will know the real color of a lot of peoples hair. A little humor. It does us all good.

We pray in a special way for all those who are ill and for those who have died from this virus. For their families who are suffering from the pain of loss. We pray in a special way for the doctors, nurses, first responders, medics and care givers. We thank those who deliver our mail, work in the grocery stores, in pharmacies, and for those who pass out meals every day at noon at our school. Don't forget the Saint Vincent de Paul Society and thanks to those who continue to bring food to the church to help others.

Special thanks to all who continue to support the parish through sending in your envelopes or being a part of on line giving. You will be richly rewarded for your generosity.

Let us pray for one another and take time to call a friend or someone from the parish and just say hi. God bless.

-Father Fisher