Happy Easter and Mercy Day!!!

As we continue our celebration of Easter I would like to thank so many people that made our Holy Week and Easter celebration so very meaningful, prayerful and beautiful. The first thank you goes to Anna and Tony Stein and our sacristans Nancy Kielton and Margaret Suter. I don't know if people truly realize how much work goes into six days of changing landscape over Holy Week into Easter. Each day is so different. Things are put up in the morning taken down after the service and the next day start over. The next is the choir and our director of music Mike Mittleman. The same is true for them. Different music every day from Palm Sunday to Chrism Mass with the Bishop and all the priests to Holy Thursday Good Friday and Easter Vigil and Easter Day. Our choir members give so generously of their time and talent to help all of us pray. We can always use more members in the choir. I always hear some wonderful voices in the pews. The South Bend Cathedral choir in the diocese has always been known to be one of the very best and should be, however we need voices to step up and take part. Please consider this when planning what you give back to the parish. I have been known to give that for penance in the confessional. I also that Michael McMahon director of servers. Wow!! What can I say about our servers. They are the best. As Monsignor always told me they are all on the A-team. To our ushers a big thanks for all you did. It is not always an easy job telling people where they can and cannot sit. Especially when the church is packed. Good job to our ushers!!! Thanks to our lectors, cantors, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist, and to Father Mark and Deacon Fred for a beautiful Holy Week and Easter. Remember we celebrate the full 50 days !!!!!!

Just a note of interest: this year we will celebrate the First Communion of our children at a regular Sunday Mass. That will be the 11 am Mass the first Sunday of May, May 5th. Most other parishes made the switch to a regular Sunday Mass also as it is important that the community of faith in the parish participate as we do for Adult Confirmation etc. However, I know that with it being at a regular scheduled Mass there will be a big crowd so you might want to plan accordingly if you wish.

The Church celebrates Mercy Sunday this weekend and this year the Mass and confession time will be here at Saint Matthew. It has been a number of years since it was celebrated for the area here at the Cathedral. The Mass will take place at 3 pm for those who wish to attend. Of course all are invited.

Again, I would like to thank all those who made Easter so beautiful.

Father Terry

-Father Terry