Dear Friends and Parishioners of Cathedral of Saint Matthew Parish,

There is a terrific way to get a large tax break and support our parish and school through donations to our diocesan SGO (“Scholarship Granting Organization”). The SGO of Northeast Indiana ( supports Saint Matthew School.

Tax Credit - The state tax credit makes an SGO contribution especially attractive to donors. In addition to the potential Federal tax deduction for charitable contributions, SGO donations are eligible for a 50% State of Indiana Tax Credit.

Where Your Donation Goes - Your donation to the SGO of Northeast Indiana designating Cathedral of Saint Matthew as a recipient is used to help families with financial need with their tuition costs to Saint Matthew School. Please note that Saint Matthew receives your entire contribution. For example, if you contribute $1000 to Saint Matthew, we receive $1000 to give to tuition assistance, even though you still get $500 back as a state tax credit.

This seems too good to be true. How it is possible? - The State of Indiana has encoded this into law in order to encourage private investment in education.

Does the SGO really help the Cathedral of Saint Matthew? - Yes. We have helped 15 different students from 14 families since we opened to continue their Catholic education by relieving them of a portion of their tuition bills.

How Do I Donate? - You can donate online at
Our admissions representative is available to answer questions and can assist with the donation process. You can contact Pat Gring at
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In order to receive tax credit for 2019, please make online donations before Christmas. If you will be mailing a donation, please have it in the mail by December 22. Please consider making a donation which greatly benefits our school and parish.

God bless you.

-Father Fisher