This Sunday we celebrate the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, also called Candlemans Day. Chris, the true light of the world, is presented in the temple. Candles used in the church and at home are blessed this day, as the tradition of keeping blessed candles in the home has long been practiced. When the priest would come with the Eucharist for someone who is ill the candles and the crucifix were stationed near, and then the priest would administer the Sacrament of the Sick and the person would receive the Eucharist. A beautiful practice. Many people Father and I take Communion to still practice this act of honor for the Blessed Sacrament. So today we bless these candles and for example the candle used to bless throats for the Feast of Saint Blase celebrated this Monday.

Last weekend was the fourth weekend of the month and a few people, new to the parish, asked about the Sunday Quarter Collection. This collection was the idea of the pastor from my first parish assignment when I was stationed in New Haven, IN with Monsignor John Seulzer. I have made this a practice in every parish that I have been the pastor. In fact I know Saint Anthony parish still does so years after I had left there. It is a good way to have people made aware that there are people in our own parish who are in some need of assistance. The idea was to collect quarters on the fourth weekend of the month in so named quarter and this collection was only for those in need in the parish. It does not go to other organizations. The school has a similar collection each school Mass day and it is for the “Blazer Fund”. Our funds with theirs are used for the people only of the parish in need. These are kept confidential and are used to help those in need of assistance in special need. They then are asked to try to return this money over the period they see fits into their financial situation. Your help is greatly appreciated by someone who may not be able to pay a gas bill one month or an emergency. Thanks for your help it is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to all of our students who helped make the 9 o’clock Mass last Sunday, to open out Catholic School’s Week and celebrate 90 years as a Catholic School, a beautiful Liturgy. Special thanks to all the people who support the mission of the school to help our students grow to be responsible Catholics, to learn the faith, to be educated, and to always grow in the love of the Lord.

-Father Fisher