Change in Mass Schedule

A few weeks ago several people approached me concerning the 4:30 Mass on Saturday evening.

They explained that it was difficult for them to attend as it is dark when Mass is over and difficult to drive especially in snow or rain. Would I ever consider changing the time making it a half hour earlier.

Consequently last Saturday we took a vote at the 4:30 Mass (after all they are the ones who attend), and it was an overwhelming positive response. Surprised me!! However, for many different reasons that people have come and explained since. I then took it to the parish council for their opinion and they too were extremely positive and all voted yes.

Because of this overwhelming response we will have Mass at 4 PM on Saturday evening (Vigil Mass) starting January 5th. This date is so we can get the change out for a few weeks put it on the sign and bulletin, and be able to announce it over and again.
-Father Terry