I hope we all survived the bitter cold and are enjoying somewhat of a respite.

Unfortunately, our Catholic School Week celebrations were hampered with cold days off of school, but very wise moves on behalf of our administrators. There really is not a reason to take a chance with the health of our children, and we do have many walkers. Therefore we cannot be too careful. You can view some of the days and events that went on when we were here in session in this weeks bulletin.

As we look ahead and continue to plan for the coming months you may have noticed in the bulletin to keep dates open for times during the Lenten Season. The parish council along with many of the organizations and groups in the parish have been working together to plan and implement a very exciting, spiritual and moving event in the parish. It has been well over ten years since our parish has experienced a “Parish Mission” I ask you to plan ahead if you will and hold the dates for the evenings of March 18th thru the 21st. Each night there will be a new speaker and a prayer service. One night will be dedicated to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and one night the Eucharist. There will be more information coming as time goes on regarding the Mission. However, at this point I wanted to ask you and invite you to keep the dates open. Our committees are very hard at work and they will be asking for some help with many things that make up a parish mission. So, I ask you to consider giving of your time and talents to help make this week meaningful and prayerful and a great experience for the parish community.

You may have also noticed that the Parish Fish Fry is making a return appearance this year. Many people called and spoke to members of the council about how much it was missed. Consequently, it will take place the Friday night, March 22, at the conclusion of the week of the parish mission. So keep that date open also.

I was so impressed at the numbers of people who came out in the cold and came to Mass during those bitter cold mornings. What a hearty bunch!! Just to let you know we had a little trouble with our snow plows as both broke down last week. Isn't that the way it always happens. Also, the numbers of people at the new 4pm Mass on Saturday. I guess it was a good move as we have seen a great increase in attendance. Some are still coming in at 4:30, but change always takes time.

-Father Terry