It seems as if it wont be too long until we will be able to gather together again especially for the daily Masses since they are in number much smaller in attendance and fit the numbers required for gathering by the governor. We are awaiting at this point word from Bishop regarding the requirements for our diocese. We will give plenty of warning before we begin. The reason I say this is because several people called this weekend asking if we were open for Mass. We will continue as is until further notice.

Will the wonders of our sacristan Anna ever cease? She has made face masks and they are available at the North doors. There are some in liturgical colors and some for children. Great job and thanks Anna. Many have already picked them up.

Many thanks to those who volunteered to call members of the parish in the past weeks. Many people called me or wrote or text me to tell me how appreciative they were that we were checking on them.

Remember that this month is dedicated to our Blessed Mother. Consider praying a rosary every day or gathering the family together to pray the rosary. If there are younger children one decade an evening for the five days of the week make one rosary. The old adage “the family that prays together stays together” is as true now as it was 60 years ago when I was in grade school. The blessings from our Blessed Mother are too good to be true. She never can resist us in prayer and always intercedes on our behalf. Also, my favorite prayer “The Memorare” is very appropriate at this time and all the school children know it by heart (upon request of the pastor).

The weather is getting better, my perennial flowers are coming up and it is a good time for working in the garden or taking a nice walk (social distance) of course.

Have a great week and let us all pray for one another.

Mary, Queen of Peace… Pray for us.

-Father Fisher