Greetings and hope that you are all doing well:

This last Friday we entered into the beautiful month of May. It is of course the month dedicated to our Blessed Mother. We look to her these days for special guidance and encouragement as we face so many things that are happening in our world today. As of today there are over 1 million people infected with the covid 19 virus, and more people have died from it than in the Viet Nam war. We pray for these victims and their families. We also pray for the many doctors, nurses, hospital workers etc. who care for them and very often the only ones with some of these people at the time of death. In a special way we pray for those who are in nursing homes and those who care for them.

During this month take some time each day to pray the Rosary. To re-dedicate ourselves to her care.

Act of Consecration
Mary, Mother of the Church,
you are enthroned as queen at your Son's right hand:
we ask for your intercession for the needs of our country,
that every desire for good may be blessed and strengthened,
that faith may be revived and nourished,
hope sustained and enlightened,
charity awakened and animated;
guide us, we pray, along the path of holiness.
Mary our Mother
bring everyone under your protection
and entrust everyone to your beloved Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

-Father Fisher