Happy All Saints Day and tomorrow All Souls:

It is hard to believe that November has come so quickly and yet it seems a long time since we began to wear masks and distance ourselves and constantly wash hands and know people who had and suffered with Carona19. We also know those who undoubtedly are now with God after going through and dying from the pandemic.
We place our hope and our trust in our loving God who continues to watch over and guide us turning to Him in these troubling times.

This week we vote if we haven't already done so. All we can do is that, and pray that the Holy Spirit to whom we pray will guide us in decisions made for the good of our country. Especially as we conclude the month dedicated to all life from conception until natural death, and to our Blessed Mother. Our Mother of Perpetual Help: Pray for us!

We pray also for all those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith. For those who we recall as people who walked in the light of Christ and lived good and holy lives. Let us remember family and friends in our prayers this month. Please take the opportunity to place the names of the deceased in the “Book of Remembrance” in the front of the church. It is a beautiful tradition to pray for those who have been called home to God.

I don't often do this but please do not forget the obligation to support the parish. It is crucial for the parish and the school to keep going and to continue to support it even in these trying times. At this point we are running about at 80% of our normal income. Many have picked up the slack and I appreciate that very much. If you feel you cannot attend Mass in person you can use ON LINE GIVING to support the church. Our finance board, Sister Gianna Marie our school principal, our staff and management and myself are working to keep our cost down. We must be good stewards of the parish and I thank you for your help.

Our food pantry is in need of food. Please consult the bulletin for the most needed items and continue to help those in need by donating food and your Quarters on the Fourth Sunday of the month. Thanks for all you do to help those most in need.

Only the good Lord knows what is coming down the road so we must pray and be faithful. The parish Council prays this prayer at our meetings. We decided to place it in the bulletin and ask that everyone try to pray it each day.

Thanks and God Bless,

-Father Fisher