As we conclude this church year with the beautiful Feast of Christ the King we look back on the many good things God has done for us all in the past year. How quickly time goes by and we are ready to begin a New Church Year. The beautiful season of anticipation Advent begins next week-end.

I would like to thank all those who are involved in the ministry aspect of the Cathedral Parish in the past year. So many things going on and really so much to be a part of this past year. We are thankful for the return of Father Dermot and his ministry in the church. He has been a great help to me and a breath of fresh air. Our wonderful Parish Council and the very fruit filled Mission of last Spring and all who worked and participated. To all those willing to go out to visit the home bound and nursing homes and to conduct classes for Baptism and on and on. The men and women who lead our music and Mike Mittleman who took over the music program last August. I would also like to thank Sister Gianna Marie for all her strong leadership in the school. Once again our academics are strong, thanks to our wonderful staff and our new text books purchased for every subject in the past two years. What a challenge: and met head on with great success. The Cathedral school has always been at the top of the school in academics, sports, etc. and our Catholic identity has been outstanding and makes us who we are. The Lord has been good to the Cathedral Parish in our wonderful parish staff, maintenance personal, our sacristans, wedding coordinator, and so many people that make the place run.

One thing I do ask is to remember that the Cathedral, like your homes and families, should be a place of prayer and looking out for the needs of others. This may mean taking extra time to get to an extra Mass during the week, Holy Hour on Wednesday or Saturday before the Blessed Sacrament, praying twice by singing in the choir, working for the Saint Vincent de Paul Society, taking one of the many classes and opportunities afford us by our director of Faith Formation Jeanette McKew or helping out in some way. Serving the needs of others never goes unrewarded by God.

We must always remember to support the Cathedral financially. Giving back to God in this way is essential for the good of the parish and of course the upkeep of the buildings themselves. Please make sure you fufill your obligation to support the Church, the Bishop’s Appeal, the organizations the parish supports, Hannah’s House, Our Lady of the Road, Catholic Worker House, and many others. If giving to the Church as far as time, talent, and treasure is last on your list of priorities remember God loves a cheerful giver. Time, talent, and treasure are His gifts to us. How do we return them to Him by using them?

We continue to welcome new members and we have grown in numbers. Where we have not grown is in our financial support. You may have noticed this in the bulletin. Please consider your support. It is important to keep us going.

Thanks and God bless and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

-Father Terry