Thanks to the priests who helped out while I was away. The first week the priests of the diocese attended “Continuing Education Days” These seminars were dedicated to Young Adults and how to serve them in our parishes. It was a very good week and very enlightening. The following days were my “once a year” week vacation. I thank Father Dermot for his great assistance. He comes in October as he has for several years to give the priests a break to go on vacation. It was good to get away for a week and nice to be back.

This week we celebrate two very important days. On Thursday we celebrate the Feast of All Saints. It is a Holy Day of Obligation and the times for Masses are listed in the bulletin as are for the following Day as we commemorate All Souls. The 5:30 Mass on Wednesday will fulfill your obligation for the Holy Day. On all Souls Day ( not a Holy Day of obligation) we will remember all those who have died in the past year and the unborn. We began this practice many years ago and modified it a little in the last couple of years celebrating this day in a special way at the 5:30 Mass. The names of the deceased for the past year will be read at this Mass and a special take home candle lit for each one. If you are unable to attend we will hold your candle and you may pick it up later.

Just a reminder that we pledged last year to keep up our financial obligation to the church. Thank you so much to those who are keeping up and have increased their donation. Stewardship is an obligation for all of us in the Church. I thank all of you who donate and support the Cathedral of Saint Matthew. Also remember to get those pledges in for the Annual Bishops Appeal. All monies over the goal come back to the parish.

Thanks and have a good week.