To celebrate the 100-year anniversary of our parish, 1922-2022, we will be publishing weekly historical excerpts from the life of our parish.

The original church held at capacity 240 people. Economic times were lean prompting Father Theodore J. Hammes to ask surrounding parishes for assistance in furnishing the church. Pastors from Saint Monica, Saint Stanislaus, Saint Casimir, and Saint Patrick donated candlesticks, vestments, and the like.

Within a year the church outgrew its seating capacity necessitating an addition to the original structure. At a cost of $32,000, the addition would increase the capacity to 600. The addition to the church was dedicated on October 21, 1923. By the end of that year, parish membership increased to 950 people with 241 families.

Parish groups included the Guardian Angels Society, The Children of Mary, and the Rosary Society. Forty children received their First Holy Communion on November 26, 1923. Parish property increased by six lots to the West of the property at a purchase price of $52,500.

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Special thanks to Father Bob Garrow for his research.