2019 marks an enormous milestone for the Cathedral School of St. Matthew: 90 years of excellence in Catholic education!

Since 1929, the Cathedral School of St. Matthew has been blazing a trail in Catholic education! To commemorate this milestone, the school is holding a design contest for all current and former students, families, parishioners, faculty, and staff.

The new design will be used for the shirts that our students wear for pilgrimages, field trips, and field day, as well as for use in our brochures, website, billboards, and other marketing materials. Make your mark!

Celebrate this wonderful anniversary for the community of St. Matthew Cathedral School and Parish!

Rules for the contest:
•  All artwork must be in black and white only.
•  The submission must be no larger than 9x12.
•  Artwork must include the fact that we are celebrating our 90th anniversary as a Catholic school.
•  Design must include “St. Matthew Cathedral School”, or “Cathedral School of St. Matthew”.

All submissions are now due by Friday, May 31, 2019.