Our students celebrate the past, present, and future in education. From learning the 2000 year-old game of Chess, to celebrating the 100th day of the 2019 school year, to setting our sights on future careers, students at St. Matthew Cathedral School love to celebrate excellence in education!

I hope we all survived the bitter cold and are enjoying somewhat of a respite.

Unfortunately, our Catholic School Week celebrations were hampered with cold days off of school, but very wise moves on behalf of our administrators. There really is not a reason to take a chance with the health of our children, and we do have many walkers. Therefore we cannot be too careful. You can view some of the days and events that went on when we were here in session in this weeks bulletin.

Academics and Beyond
We have come to expect excellence from our St. Matthew Cathedral School students both in the classroom and in their extracurricular endeavors. Our students have not only met that expectation, but exceeded it! From science to music, from sports to art, our students continue to make good use of their talent.

We invite all parishioners to join us for our Open House at St. Matthew Cathedral School following the morning Masses at the Cathedral today, January 27, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. 

Tours of the school, light refreshments, and conversations with faculty and students await! All are welcome!
You Can Lend a Hand Coupon Books (a.k.a., Burger King Books) will be sold after all Masses the weekends of February 2/3 and February 9/10.
Our students remain busy as second semester begins! On January 18, our eighth grade students attended the March for Life in Downtown South Bend.  Led by Mr. Fyrqvist, our students are learning that education extends beyond the classroom.  Our fifth through eighth grade students participated in the Science Fair this week at school and impressed everyone with their outstanding research, experiments, and presentations!  This week our school will hold our annual

As we enter the Ordinary time of the Church calendar we look back over the past few weeks in gratitude for the great gift God has bestowed on us.  It is also an opportunity for me to thank so many of you for all you did over the Seasons of Advent and Christmas.  The Giving Tree this year set a record for the number of gifts donated, our food collection was good, and many people were so generous in helping families in need.

This week we celebrate Catholic Schools. Most especially we celebrate Saint Matthew School, our faith, the traditions, the academics, and most of all the thousands of students who have gone to school here all these years. Many things have changed and yet if you go in the building you can get that feeling of just being there yesterday.  The spirit of the building and school remains the same year after year. Some of my fondest memories are of working here as a teacher in the school. The years I taught here before going to the seminary were some of the best.