Happy Earth Day:

I am writing this on Earth Day and looking out my window at the beautiful Pear trees that are in blossom at this time. They look so beautiful down Miami Street and they are causing my allergies to go crazy. Oh well !!

I hope you are doing well and that being shut in isn't making you too crazy. We must remember it is for our own good that we follow the regulations. Not only for ourselves, but the good of others.


This Sunday we celebrate Mercy Sunday. We thank God for the great gift of His Divine mercy and forgiveness. Ordinarily the Cathedral hosts the Divine Mercy Mass in the afternoon of the Octave of Easter, Divine Mercy Sunday. Unfortunately this year we are of course unable to do so due to the restrictions that we have regarding gathering in large numbers. For those who have attended in past years we know how many confessions are heard on this day and the number of people who attend the Mass in the afternoon. Since we are unable to do so I recommend that you watch the Mass on EWTN. I have often watched before and I know that it is truly beautiful and beneficial. I know many picked up and began the Novena last week. We had a pile of the Novena pamphlets in church and I had to replenish them so I know many picked them up.

Thanks to the many who followed the Holy Week Services here at the Cathedral on You Tube last week. It was an experience with no one in the pews, but hopefully helped the many who viewed them. Thanks to Father Dermot who worked so hard to get our system up and running. It was a task as we didn't have WiFi in the church and had to run the line over from the office. He was our camera man also and did a great job. To Michael Mittleman our director of music and liturgy a big thank you. To the lectors from our staff that helped us with the reading for the Triduum and our cantors many thanks. They sat over six feet apart in separate pews. (Following the directives very carefully.)
Remember Mass is streamed daily on the web site click on the link to You Tube. Let us all stay safe and pray for one another. God Bless.

-Father Fisher

This Easter is one of mixed emotions. We celebrate once again the Risen Lord, the true light of the world and we give thanks for the gift of our Savior. However, it is a day of sadness and facing the unknown as we continue to live with this virus. Let us continue to do as we are asked and distance ourselves from others as difficult as that may be and to stay home and keep safe.

Participate in a livestream Mass with Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades every Sunday at 10 a.m.

To join, visit the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend YouTube or Facebook pages. Search “@diocesefwsb" or click on one of the links below.



Other Mass options, diocesan directives, and more can be found at
Palm Sunday - No palms blessed or distributed. the Cathedral will be open 6 a.m. until 12 noon.

Monday thru Wednesday - 6 a.m. -6 p.m.

Holy Thursday - Streamed Chrism Mass at 10 a.m. from the Cathedral in Fort Wayne.

The Lenten Season, which began on Ash Wednesday (February 26) and ends with the beginning of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday (April 9), has a two-fold character: to prepare both Catechumens (those to be baptized at the Easter Vigil) and the Faithful to celebrate the Paschal Mystery (the work of salvation wrought by the death and resurrection of Jesus).

Right now, with all of the coronavirus stuff going on, I am looking for practical ways to help. I’ve talked with some other seniors at Marian, and we are trying to start something to help the elderly of the community, since they are really the only ones at a larger risk from this virus. We are offering our services to run errands, grocery shop for, etc the elderly, since they are at the highest risk every time they leave their houses.

The headline on the front of the Our Sunday Visitor this week reads “Holy Week at Home”. Yes, we will be spending this most Holy Week and home and with family. It is a good time for prayer and preparation for the joy of Easter. As we recall the passion death and resurrection of the Lord I encourage you to please take time to watch by streaming or by internet or You Tube or whatever the celebrations of this week. Hopefully you will be able to enter into this week by taking time in prayer and quiet. The Cathedral will be open all week as we have in the past two weeks.

This is a wonderful time to join the choir in preparation of the holy season of Lent, followed by Holy Week.  Our rehearsals are Thursday evening at 7:30.

Also, please consider singing with other choirs in the area for the Chrism Mass on Monday April 6.  There are 2 separate rehearsals on Tuesday March 24 and March 31  

For more information contact Mike at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..